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A Taste of Nigeria’s Capital: 8 Unforgettable Cafes and Eateries in Abuja

A Taste of Nigeria's Capital: 8 Unforgettable Cafes and Eateries in Abuja

The culinary art of Abuja tells a fascinating story of the diversity of the city, more than the arrays of picturesque government buildings lined up in the city center and the political intrigues that define its status as the the capital city of the world’s most populous black nation, Nigeria.

The cafes and eateries spread across the city have a whole different story for tourists and it is certain to leave a lasting print in their hearts.

It is a city bustling with life, and its culinary landscape scene offers a wide array of delightful cafes and eateries.

Coffee, Culture, Comfort & Flavour

From coffee enthusiast to lover of fine dining, or someone who enjoys a laid-back brunch, there’s something for everyone at a friendly budget. The Abuja’s food scene is a delicious journey worth exploring without breaking the bank.

Below are the 8 must- try delicious budget friendly spots in Abuja:

Coffee Bar

A must visit for all, let the aroma of freshly brewed coffee transport you. Coffee Bar is renowned for its chic and modern decor, creating a cozy and stylish ambiance perfect for self outing, coffee breaks, casual meetings,relaxing meals or date.

Located in the busy area of Wuse 2, in the heart of the metropolis, their menu features a variety of coffee beverages, including a signature must-try Frappuccino (₦2,500), along with delicious food options like Avocado and Egg Toast (₦3,500) and Smoked Chicken Sandwich (₦4,000).

Budget: ₦6,000 – ₦8,000.

Mars Cafe

Known for it’s warm and inviting atmosphere, Mars Cafe is the perfect spot to catch up with friends over specialty coffees and delectable pastries, also perfect for a laid-back brunch or a quick coffee run.

Budget: ₦5,000-₦7,000.

Taj Bistro

A culinary adventure that spans continents, Taj Bistro is your destination. This fusion that blends international flavors with local ingredients, creating a symphony of taste. The bistro boasts of a diverse menu that caters to different palates, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Budget: ₦10,000-₦12,000.

Akara Cafe

Akara Cafe is a place to reminisce on childhood (anyone who grew up without eating bean cake on saturday, isn’t a Nigerian) famous for its traditional Nigerian snacks and cozy setting. A culinary journey worth embarking on.

Located at Wuse, this cozy spot is a known for traditional snacks, with akara (bean cakes) being the star attraction.

Budget: ₦4,000-₦6,000


This eatery is a known for satisfying Nigerian delicacies, offering a variety of dishes that are both delicious and affordable. Are you craving hearty meals and Nigerian delicacies, Foodnchops, located at Lugbe, is the right place.

Budget: ₦6,000-₦8,000.


Specialized in pork dishes, this is a paradise for meat lover’s. This eatery, Porkman , located in the Lugbe area of Abuja city, specializes in pork dishes, offering a variety of options for those who wants to enjoy a good, hearty meaty meal.

Budget: ₦8,000-₦10,000.

La Tarvena

A restaurant with an International Flair. This restaurant, La Tarvena, offers a diverse menu of gourmet dishes, creating a fine dining experience that’s both sophisticated and delicious.

Budget: ₦10,000-₦12,000.

The Shark Express

Known for its seafood offerings, The Shark Express is a must seafood journey to Indulge in fresh, delicious seafood dishes, all prepared with care and expertise.

Budget: ₦9,000-₦15,000.

Abuja’s culinary scene is vibrant and diverse of flavors, styles, and experiences, offering something for every taste and budget. Whether you’re seeking a quick coffee break or a lavish dinner, these spots are sure to provide a memorable culinary experience.

NOTE: Click on the cafe to go to their Instagram page. The budget may vary depending on your preference and choice, so do well to chat them up for more information. Have a wonderful and delicious food exploring.

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